Katia Ganfield

Location: Hackney
Website: www.katiaganfield.com

Shortlisted for the prestigious DBACE Awards for Creative Enterprise in 2016 and winner of Ideastap Innovators fund her work has featured globally across MTV, Vevo, Channel 4, Dazed, i-D and Hunger TV. Most recently the ICA in partnership with Ch4 have commissioned No Tape Inside to make a short film as part of the Stop Play Record programme.

Specialising in music promos, documentary and experimental transgressive film, her work has premiered across screenings split between London, Brighton and New York.

No Tape Inside is PART OF Vicious collective (https://www.viciouscollective.com/): “a troupe of experimental interdisciplinary artists interested in exposing and commenting on the inherent ironies and absurdities at the heart of British society and global culture, We are interested in DIY approaches towards contemporary culture, using any and all tools available to encourage new thoughts and discussion outside of the zeitgeist”.

See The Place…

Enjoy the world I have created

Where there is

No Tape Inside.

Allow it to raise questions and inspire thought.

I live and breathe film. I wake up in the morning thinking about film and dream of it at night. I feel the pulsating urge of blood rushing through my veins when I’m awoken by ideas for what I could shoot. I use my eyes as my camera and my reality as different scenes… the cogs in my brain are always turning the gears of film. It is in my bones, my blood and heart. No Tape Inside is an invitation into my world as a film maker, with the aim of giving others the opportunity to see the world in a different way, challenge the constraints of societal conditioning and
allow people to feel:


…everything it is to value the state of being human and being in the present and now.

I began developing my style and aesthetics through the medium of music videos. I’m predominately self taught, and music videos are the one thing that are in constant demand and which allows film makers the opportunity to test and experiment new ideas and methods to then develop in later works. I love collaborating with other musicians and artists - it’s truly the best way to progress as a filmmaker…through collaborating, exchanging ideas and inspiring one another. Art is there to be shared, not locked in the cage of your mind – that’s the thing that will send any sane person mad!

Film is my main means of communication as well as my therapy.

My inclination towards analogue and VHS filming lies in the ability to be able to capture magic that you rarely seem to capture through digital mediums. I’ve always considered the physical pressing of the image onto another physical imprint as something very special and it is preserved better in the long run for future generations to learn from. My sturdy Panasonic MS5 VHS Camera has gone through so much, but still works so well – a DSLR would have had no chance of enduring half of what that VHS camera has. Analogue is trustworthy and durable, and even when there are ‘mishaps’ it often tends to work in your favour. Nostalgia is important – everyone is accelerating so fast all the time that they tent to forget the finer things of humanity’s past culture. Creating awareness towards past, present and future is integral to the progression of human life into something positive.


ICA screening / Stop Play Record Tour March-June 2018