Katherine Murphy


Location: London
Website: www.patrickheide.com

Artist's Statement:

My practice investigates various aspects of the world of work in order that a greater understanding of employment and its role in our lives can be understood. The medium I use for this investigation is action/gesture or less specifically; work. I use this methodology of medium within the (exterior) working world or within the (interior) studio environment. From the exterior, I process and distil the experience had into the display seen in the gallery context. From the interior, the work is more a process in itself and may or may not resolve to a galleried display. I use myself as the vehicle and the site for this action/gesture or work. As a consequence of my own experience and knowledge the work concentrates on the lower paid or minimum wage workers of the UK; the workforce, and is greatly informed by my experience of the work (and the roles within work) that society sets aside for women.

It is the constant repetition of a working system, no matter how destructive, that normalises it for an employee, I use similar methods of repetition in order to highlight this effect.

Currently, I am performing seemingly redundant work tasks in a repetitious manner as a means to investigate the very physical nature of work.

Repetition, being so integral to the action/gesture or work, thus becomes an important aspect of the display. Repetition is apparent within the thinking, performing and making of the work/display. Repetition is an integral part of the human existence; our lives are structured through our repeated acts.



'text(ure)': November - December 2012, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London
Exhibiting artist for group show with Carl Andre, Alice Attie, Claudio Adami, Michael Landy, Alighiero Boetti, Károly Keserü, Jacob El Hanani and Debra Scacco

'Breeder': October - November 2012, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London
A group exhibition that brings together six artists that are part of a new inititative to showcase young artists and talents in whose artistic message and future the gallery strongly believes.
Exhibiting artist with Sarah Brigland, Pius Fox, Saad Qureshi, Peter Matthews and Kate Terry

Jerwood Drawing Prize 2010: October 2010 – June 2011, National Tour
Shortlisted for Drawing Prize

Preview Berlin: October 2010, The emerging Art Fair, Berlin
Exhibiting artist for Patrick Heide Contemporary Art

'Here and again': May - June 2010, Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London
Exhibiting artist for group show with Sarah Bridgland, Susan Stockwell and Kate Terry

Slade MFA Degree Show: June 2009, Slade School of Fine Art, London
Graduating/exhibiting artist

Hull Print Project: May 2009 – ongoing, Primary Health Care Centre, Hull
Exhibiting artist for ongoing commission from Primary Health Care Centre, Hull for 3 original prints, contributing artists include: Edward Allington, Jo Volley, Estelle Thompson, Gary Woodley, Klaas Hoek, James Keith.

Interim Show: September - October 2008, Woburn Research Centre, London
Exhibiting artist

The Body Project: April 2008, Woburn Research Centre, London
Exhibiting artist for three-day inter-disciplinary symposium/workshop

KunstVlaai A.P.I.: May 2008, Westergasfabriek, Netherlands
Exhibiting artist for group exhibition as part of this International Art Fair

'Proof' Degree Show: June 2006, Dynevor Centre for Art and Design, Swansea
Catalogue Organisation/Fundraiser and exhibiting artist

Citywide: May 2006, Swansea City
Co-organiser and exhibiting artist for this collaborative events-based project across Swansea city

'Titled': January 2006, Mission Gallery, Swansea
Exhibiting artist for this experimental film exhibition

'Artists Rolls': November 2005, Mission Gallery, Swansea
Exhibiting artist

'Difference': June 2005, Swansea Institute, Swansea
Exhibiting artist for second year degree show

'Verdi's': May 2004, Verdi's Café, Swansea
Exhibiting artist

'Art D’œuvres': May 2004 – June 2004, Pontardawe Arts Centre, Pontardawe
Co-Curator and exhibiting artist for first year degree show

Work is in private collections internationally.

Film and Video:

'Blue Room': May 2009, 16mm film, 6 mins

'Blue': February 2006, video, 4 mins

'Burger King': November 2003, Digibeta, 8 mins
Co-Writer/Co-Producer/Co-Director. Winner of Croydon Council 2003 Film Festival 'Best Director' award, shown at many international film festivals.

'Relent': November 2000, 16mm film, 8 mins
Co-Writer/Co-Producer/Co-Director. Premiered at the 13th London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, shown at many international film festivals.

'Intifada': July 1997, Digibeta, 12 mins