Katherine Jarvis

Location: Islington, London
Website: www.katerosejarvis.com

I make high-texture watercolor landscapes, animals, and more.
You can check out my work at www.katerosejarvis.com
or on Etsy at www.etsy.com/shop/FemmeIsTheNewBlack

I like to travel through painting, whether I'm flying above the New Zealand Alps or riding a camel through Jordan's Wadi Rum desert. I find texture most transporting of all. People say that you have to walk a mile in another's shoes to understand them; this sentiment is about feeling what others feel, not simply seeing what they see. So these works evoke the textures of the natural and fantastical worlds as experienced by the human(oid) body: the jagged rocks beneath a hiker's feet, the sweeping force of ocean currents, the fur-halo of an arctic fox, and more. Even when I'm painting a dreamscape, I want my viewers to enter into a tactile world.

I would say, "I'm a self-taught artist," but I've gotten inspiration and both formal and informal training from many people along the way. Hazel Jarvis (www.hazeljarvis.com) has taught me a lot, and I had some fabulous art mentors back in high school who advocated for me. I sold a few pieces back then, mostly in the pen&ink genre.

Then I began a long detour into other professions. I immersed myself in word-smithing, publishing poetry and not finishing any of the novels I started. I even have a Ph.D. in (Socio)Linguistics...this basically makes me a Doctor of "Why People Say What They Do." After a brief stint as a professional (political) cartoonist in 2014-15, I really kickstarted my career in visual art in 2017.

Social activism is also deeply important to me. I'm in love with the power of image to change minds and fashion new worlds. So I've been making images that help me feel empowered, or even just at peace for a while.

Furthermore, I offer low-cost prints of my original paintings so that everyone has a chance to own a piece of art they love. Everyone deserves to have beauty in their lives.

Thanks for reading. I'm so grateful you're here.

<3Kate Rose Jarvis


May 22nd-June 3rd, 2018
"SYMBIOSIS," Espacio Gallery, on the Chelsea Fringe walk
159 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG