kate carroll


Location: Deptford London
Website: https://kcukvisualarts.weebly.com/

My journey as a professional artist started at De Montfort University (2010-2013) where I obtained a BA in Fine Arts. During this time I found myself looking at the idea of trying anything and everything. I became invested in all things art, whether it was Photography, Sculpture, Film, Painting or Screen Printing, I was willing to experiment and ignite my passion further for the art world. Since then, I have continued with that enthusiasm and drive for creativity and I have found myself focusing on the idea of celebration and awareness as main theme's of my work which is partnered up with my passion for equality. 
Right now my practice is focused on commissions of portraits of women who are trailblazers of the world and abstract mixed media pieces which represent my interior design business which helps interior designers and home makers easily access fine art paintings for their homes and a new project which links to my passion for awareness which is based on customized clothing that spread's the word of issues we tend to ignore in day to day life unless it affects us.


The Cookie - Leicester City 2013
DMU Degree Show - Leicester 2013
Raw Artists Bussey Building - 2014
Brick Lane Art Gallery - 2015
Raw Artists Fleet Street - 2016
Raw Artists Yelp Representation - 2016
Raw Artists Italy, Rome - 2016