Karen Raingold

Location: London
Website: www.karenraingold.com

I am an artist, educator and art therapist living and working in London. In my educational and therapy work I specialise in working with children and families.

My art practice combines drawing and printmaking and explores themes of memory, belonging, and nostalgia through objects and landscapes.


May 2016, One in Four at Kingston Library, Milton Keynes
February 2016, Snowglobe at Queens Wood Gallery, London
January 2016: Great Art Quest at Ben Uri Gallery, London
October 2015, Letter in Mind at Oxo Tower, London
February 2015, Art Refuge at Amnesty International, London
November 2014, Where do we begin? At Sadler Wells, London
February 2014, Same and Different at Cubitt Gallery, London
July 2014, Hertfordshire Fine Art Postgraduate Show, Hertfordshire
July 2013, Construct and Deconstruct at Centre for Better Health, London
September 2011, Surface Tension at The Rag Factory, London