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Location: London
Website: www.kandedepartment.co.uk

K&E Department Biography
K&E is a collaboration between artists Karen Heald and Elizia Volkmann. Since 2004 they have worked on site-specific projects unifying their differing practices by indulging their wanderlust, working in parallel at chosen sites, their resulting installations and artworks evolve through extensive and continuous discourse and a welcoming of synchronicity and serendipity. Their common interests in time, art/science, site specific working have drawn their collaboration closer. Working in a variety of media including film/video, photography, sound, drawing and text, they have and continue to evolve a practice that tempers mechanical modes of production into a poetic form. K&E are currently working on a book exploring their common themes and concerns including time, psychogeography, science and consciousness.
Karen Heald CV/Biography
Karen Heald is an artist, researcher and academic. She is an Honorary Researcher and Artist in Residence in a UK, National Health Service Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Department. Her artwork has evolved out of working both site-specifically and on residencies in Europe and Asia. Exploring her work through a variety of media, primarily video, installation and photography, she has evolved her own poetic visual language that engages with the differences and similarities between painting and film, creating a language of painterly video that communicates difficult social issues with subtle, oblique visual stanzas.
Karen Heald is undertaking a practice based PhD 'In-between-ness: Contemporary Art Practice in the Chora within Descriptions of Time and Sleep' in the Faculty of Arts in Society, Contemporary Art and Graphic Design at Leeds Metropolitan University. Her research at the University of Salford within the Contemporary Fine Art Practice Group is focussed on narrative and sensory intelligences. She is currently part of a research team at Salford delivering a three-year programme on kinaesthetic learning through creative frameworks.
Elizia Volkmann: is an artist/performer, writer, independent researcher and journalist. Currently an artist resident within the Bow Arts Live Work project in London. She has held many residencies and Honorary Research Fellowships at Universities including Camberwell College of Art, Leeds Metropolitan University and Salford University. Currently her research and practice engages with connecting external and internal psychogeographies via means of installation, performative works and photographic documentations of events and surroundings, she also has an extensive drawing practice. Elizia also collaborates with conceptual artist Mike Chavez-Dawson as a performer. A graduate of Sheffield Hallam University, she has exhibited widely in the UK and Europe for the past 20 years in major art galleries and festivals. As a writer Elizia is currently working on a novel and a collection of short stories as well as working as freelance journalist and professional photographer for a variety of publications including seminal art magazine Flux and newspapers including The Observer.


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