James W. Norton

Location: Cambridge, UK
Website: www.jwnorton.co.uk

I explore the transitions and convergences that occur between place, time and memory. I investigate these themes both theoretically and practically using different mediums and mark-making processes. I mainly work in paint, collage, film, audio, found material and site-specific installations to achieve both permanent and ephemeral results. 

Landscape plays a pivotal role in my artwork as subject and context. There is always an open dialogue between the shifting dynamics of the past, present and future. A place where multi-layered traces of meaning can exist at anyone time. It is a place that allows happenstance to intervene in the process of seeing, thinking and making.

I am drawn to the spaces in-between spaces, liminality, the periphery and what lies outside the edge. I seek out places that feel atmospheric, uncanny, disquieting, often derelict, altered, abandoned and in an entropic state. When woven together I use these elements to explore speculative narratives and experiment in creating new territories.


Arts Residency, North Light Arts Festival:
Dunbar, Scotland, 2013.

Presence of Absence, On The Edge Arts Festival:
Harwich, 2013.

Incunabula, Changing Spaces Gallery:
Kings Street, Cambridge, 2013.

Live in the Landscape, audio experiments at the periphery:
Sea Palling, Norfolk Coast, 2013.

Landscape in Dialogue, discussions for a living Language:
Royal BC Museum, Canada, 2013.

Memory Boxes, Assemblage & Audio
Entelechy Arts & HLF, 2013.

Intersection, Audioscape:
Museum of London, 2012.

Janus, Assemblage & Site Specific Installation
Museum of London, 2012.

Legion, Film Poem:
Filmscape, Victoria Harbour, Dunbar, 2012.

Borderland, Short Film:
Docklands Community Film Boat, River Thames, 2012.

Victorian Cityscape, Site Specific Installation:
Kensington Palace, 2012.

God of Sugar, FIlm Poem:
7films art programme, 2012.

Words in the Landscape, Site specific Sculptures:
Burn O'Vat, Aberdeenshire, 2011.

A clouded Mind, Audio Visual Installation:
The British Library, 2011.

40 Elephants, Film Poem:
Aesthetic Film Festival, 2011.

London Street Photography, Exhibition:
Museum of the City, New York, 2011.

A Journey through Ruins, Painting Triptych:
Leith International Arts Festival, 2011.

Echo Island, Site Specific Installation
Forgotten Spaces, RIBA, London, 2011.

Liner notes, Film Poem
Architecture on Film, London, 2011.

Radio Landscape, Site Specific Installation
Jodrell Bank, Macclesfield, 2011.

The Written Landscape of Dickens, Installation
Museum of London, 2011.

London Street Photography, Exhibition
Museum of London, 2011.

Dark Water, Film Poem
Alchemy Film Festival, Hawick, 2010.

Architecture in Dialogue, Site Specific Artworks
Humboldt-Fourm, Berlin, 2010.

People in the Landscape, Installation
UAE Pavilion, Shanghai Expo, 2010.

Borderland Film
East End Film Festival, London, 2010.

Island Triptych, Painting
Acme Studios, London, 2010.

Borderland Film
London Film Council, London, 2010.

Silvertwon Film
Projected Cities, Chelsea Arts Club, 2010.

MALIN 1 Film and Audio Installation
Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh, 2010.

London Painting Series,
Apex Commission, London, 2009.

Archaeological Audioscape
Museum of London, Docklands, 2009.

Archeological London Panorama
Museum of London, Docklands, 2009.

Homeless in the Capital, Site Specific Installation
Museum of London, 2009.

OUTLINE Exhibition, Paintings & Film
Claremont Gallery, Hastings, 2008.

Poetry of Structure, Paintings
Rye Art Gallery, East Sussex, 2008.

London, 2007.

TRACE Exhibition, Paintings & Film
Claremont Gallery, Hastings, 2006.

Source to Sea Landscape Installation
HKIWP, Mai Po, Hong Kong, 2006.

Abandoned Landscape, Painting
Landscape 200, Castle Museum, Norwich, 2005.

Broken Cities, Paintings
DIFC, Hong Kong, 2004.

Norfolk landscapes, Paintings
700 year Anniversary, Blofield Church, Norfolk, 2003.

Urban Intervention, Installation
Thinktank, Birmingham, 2003.

Distant Wait, Film & Paintings
Friction Gallery, Edinburgh, 2003.

Isolation, Painting
291 Gallery, London, 2002.

Ethnographic and Geographic Installations
NMPH, Taitung, Taiwan, 2001.

Time and Place Installation
Greenwich Pavilion, London, 2000.

Earths Treasury, Natural History Museum
London, 1999.

Boundaries, Paintings and Drawings
Westminster Cathedral, London, 1996.