Jaime Valtierra


Location: London
Website: www.jaimevaltierra.co.uk

Jaime Valtierra is a Spanish painter (Madrid, 1979) based in London. Since his arrival in the UK in 2001 he has combined a regular studio painting practice with experimental incursions into other disciplines that include performance, installation and video. He has exhibited his work in the UK and across Europe.

His art practice is an intellectual and emotional reaction to the world around him. It explores a personal and imaginative vision of the self and its relation to place and to others. He is particularly concerned with the analysis of essential human desires and beliefs in relation to a specific cultural context, and their articulation as form/content within the 'picture space'.

Deeply influenced by both the Spanish and British tradition of painting, his work is engaged in a constant struggle to reconcile and understand the cultural ramifications that the two nations exert on him, both from a personal and historical perspective. This dual form of marginality and inclusion determines much of his working material and subject.


Recent selected exhibitions and projects include:

Nunnery Gallery Art Projects. The London Art Fair. London, 2017 / ‘What's it going to be then, eh?'. TRIPP Gallery. London. 2016 / 'Interfaces. Processing reality through art and technology'. Barbican Arts Centre. London. 2015 / ‘Holy Mountain’. Roundabout LX. Lisbon. 2015 / 'The Idiot. New Paintings and Works on Paper'. Hundred Years Gallery. London. 2015 / 'Mnemonic City'. Biagiotti Progetto di Arte. Florence. 2014.

Full CV at: http://www.jaimevaltierra.co.uk/biography.html