Julia Russell

Location: London
Website: www.juliarussell.co.uk

Julia was born in Cambridge and raised in the Midlands. She was a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 1972-1976. She subsequently worked in photography and printmaking in Chicago, and then worked in graphic design on her return to London.

However her main interest has always been painting to which she devotes herself to entirely.

Her paintings are a direct confrontation of a visual experience depicting an image that is constantly in the process of changing. She strives to recreate a pictorial space with the intrinsic rhythms of mountains, sky, light and dark that are found in a landscape.

Julia lives and works in South East London where she is a resident at the Arts Studio Company Trust.


Gallery in the Park Southwark Autumn 2013
Zeitgeist Arts Summer 2013
ASC Gallery Summer 2013
Zeitgeist Arts Open Autumn 2013
Zeitgeist Summer Show 2014
Hays Galleria Summer 2014​
Solo Show ASC Gallery Space Bond House October 2014​
Recursive October 2014
Discerning Eye November 2014