Judit Prieto


Location: Hackney
Website: www.juditprieto.com

Judit born in Barcelona. She started having interest in drawing and painting since her childhood. Later late nineties she did a course of Photography, where developed interest in this technique. She completed a Degree in Interior Design in 2002. She started painting in Oil in 2009 a year after, Judit moved to London and finished a part-time 2012-14 Foundation Diploma Course at the Hampstead School of Art with a distinction. At the Rootstein Hopkins Drawing Exhibition 2013 she was selected for a Tate Modern Community Learning Award. Her first solo exhibition was in Barcelona in January 2015.

In my artwork I use nature and other personal interests as sources of inspiration. Since I started painting in 2009, my artwork have had an evolution from I started capturing the beauty that it had an impact to me and gradually shifting to a more deeper level through my meditation practice, connecting to nature everyday and during the process of creating each piece. Where colour and form take a journey from representation towards abstraction, an open-ended journey which allows a sense of freedom and expression.

I explore different techniques such as oil painting, mono-print, linocut and photography in pursuing my art. This helps me to have a range of expressive ways to go further in my making process.

Also from 2012 until 2015 she was teaching art to children from 5-14 ages at Hampstead School of Art.

For contact mobile phone: 07980450236


· Autumn 2017 Exhibition with Rosy Coleman "Object in Transition" changing lives in countries, at Burgh House Museum, Hampstead, London.
· July 2017 Solo Exhibition "Semicircles in Movement" a series of prints at 119 Lower Clapton Café, Clapton, London.
· 1-19 February 2017 Group Exhibition "TRADITIONS" at the Art Pavilion, Mile End, London.
· December 2016 selected for the Art Competition "II Mostra d'Art Emergent de Sabadell" exhibition until February 2017 at Academy of Fine Art, Sabadell, Spain.
· November 2016 International Art Exhibition "PALIMPSEST" at The old chocolate factory Lammert in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany.
July 2016 Group Exhibition "Staff & Students End of Year Show" at HSoA, Hampstead, London.
· March 2016 Solo Exhibition "Air Visions" at The Stone Space, Leytonstone, London.
· January 2015 Solo Exhibition "Water Visions" at Genial Gallery, Sabadell, Spain.
· July 2014 Group Exhibition "Comparing & Exploring Organic and Geometric Forms" at HSoA, Hampstead, London.
· July 2013 Group Exhibition " Blue Following by a Yellow Line" at HSoA, Hampstead, London.
· May 2013 Group Exhibition "Roostein Hopkins Drawing Exhibition" at Morley Gallery, Waterloo, London.
· September 2012 Group Exhibition at Swiss Cottage Library, London.
· November 2008 Solo Exhibition "Momentos del Interior" photography and poetry work at Kan Kan Bar, Barcelona.