Location: E3 4bf
Website: www.jmdoubleday.com

Jonathan Doubleday was born in Devon, England and works across the disciplines of painting and photography. He received his BA in Photography, Film and Imaging at Napier University in Edinburgh in 2007. Doubleday’s practice fits into the realms of conceptual art, reflecting emotion to colour, pattern and aspects of the human spirit. His work is inspired by a fusion of cultural observations collected throughout his travels, juxtaposed with his roots living in the country. He currently resides in London where he has worked with high profile artists including Damien Hirst, Peter Blake and Idris Khan, but now focuses more on solo


Doubleday’s abstract paintings deal with the theme of mortality and the relationship we have with it. In his latest series the use of squares exist to represent the confines within the space we live in, they are often marauding and sometimes chaotic. The cathartic application of endless squares allows for a very dense surface construction with the layers and repetition, building into a rich sense of colour and shape. At times they are light and vibrant and then dark and brooding to reflect the different states of mind when dealing with the end.


'Garden of Earthly Delights' Group Show, The Old Customs & Immigration Building, Cardiff 2016

‘The Occasional but Continual Realisation of the End’ Solo Show, The Hoxton Arches, London 2015

‘Me & You’ Solo Show, Jardine House, Hong Kong 2010

‘Vice Exhibition’ Group Show, The Leonard Street Gallery, London, 2008

‘Edinburgh Photographers’, Group Show, The Robyn Rowles Gallery, Edinburgh 2007

‘201’ Group Show, The Brick Lane Gallery, London 2007

‘Story’ Solo Show, The Wash Gallery, Edinburgh 2006

The Fruit Market summer show, Edinburgh 2006