Jonathan Stubbs

Location: Lewisham, London

I am a painter living and working in London. I completed the Turps Banana painting programme in June 2016, a hugely inspiring and embracing environment. A while before that, I completed a BA in Fine Art at Falmouth College of Art in 2007. I’ve shown around and about.

Why I Paint

It’s important to know your values as a painter, and the hope is that in the making, your values seep out and ingratiate themselves with the painting. Art, like many aspects of life, is a exploration of connectivity. It is an invitation to think deeper, and see the world through the artists’ perspective. I get excited by art that leaves your brain room for maneuver. Where it forms half connections, or floats ideas. I do think it is an artists’ privilege to withhold the story fully, keep you as the viewer at an arms length. By doing so it rewards the curious. I want to make paintings that make you curious.


Aug 2015, Turps Goes West, Edel Assanti, London
July 2015, Turps Painting Programme Show, Turps Gallery, Elephant & Castle
April 2015, No. 4A Gallery, Malvern
March 2015, Interim Show, Turps Gallery, Elephant & Castle
Sept 2014, A Virtual Topography, HUSK, Limehouse
June 2014, Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts
Jan 2013, Shapeshifter, Departure, Limehouse
Dec 2010, Winter’s Wayzgoose, A-Plan Projects at Copped Hall, Epping
Dec 2008, Cloak and Dagger, Edgar Modern, Bath
Nov 2008, Beyond the Horizon, House Gallery, Camberwell
June 2008, Sweet Monument, The Sassoon Gallery, Peckham
July 2007, Sunrise with Sea Monsters, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London
June 2007, Graduate Show, Falmouth College of Arts, Falmouth
July 2006, Shelflife, 18 High Street, Reigate