John Fletcher


In a place between the park and the entrance, there is a bench. A concrete bench, you can sit on the bench and look over at a mundane park view. All is normal, but you look down and you see a fried egg next to you. Then you look up and see a swimming pool, above the swimming pool there is sky, somewhere in the sky you see 4 big rocks falling down. You know it's over, you eat the fried egg on the bench in the bread from your ham sandwich, throwing the ham on the ground. After eating you go for a swim, then those rocks come to you. They kill you.


SALT Issue 4 ‘Pagentry as Practice’/LimaZulu/ London/2013
Goldsmiths Degree Show/Goldsmiths/London/2013
My Little Princess/E4/2013
Trading Relations/Gallerie Der HFBK/Germany/2013
LUPA11/Bethnal Green/London/2012
Love Square/Old Police Station/London/2012
Saturation Part 2/Raven Row/London/2012
Saturation Part 1/Utrophia/London/2012