Johan Allerfeldt

Location: London

An english based multidisciplinary artist with an interest in expression of thought and the presentation of identity. With art, comes the freedom to be true, to lay bare the best and worst parts of yourself in whatever form you feel. Some may say this is a self indulgent/hedonistic process and to a degree I would say it is, but my belief is that there is something very honest and human about wanting to understand yourself, the world and about communication in this way. To me, when I look at art I look at someone.

I've always been inclined to create, it has never been something I dragged myself to do but more something that I needed, particularly in certain times. For me it is a means of living; a balance for reality and misunderstanding.

I was brought up in the countryside of Dartmoor in the south west of England and so my upbringing was probably more traditional than most, being on the top of the moors there was a lot to draw inspiration from, but most importantly I think there was the space,quiet and freedom to progress and develop naturally without too much interference.

Piano was the first vessel in which I explored ideas. I started playing at around the age of four but it took me a while to appreciate the instrument and realise its capabilities for expression. I was around eleven when I started to play something other than my sheet music and from then on I found it exciting and fun and that kept me playing. Music aside I have always found a kind of satisfaction in symmetry and "visual balance" and so I also used to draw a lot of 3d shapes such as cubes and cylinders. Clean lines and the detailed build up of patterns are things I have always found strangely therapeutic and consoling.

For the past five years I have worked as a freelance graphic designer and composer working for clients remotely via sites such as Peopleperhour, Guru and Fiverr. This has been a good way for me to not only gather income from what I create, but to receive valuable critique on my ideas, something of upmost importance to me ( also the main reason for starting my blog). It meant I also became used to adapting my methods and approaches to suit working on a wide range of projects from business branding to art for textiles.