Location: Glasgow
Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNOFyHZxHj_9FNuJhMLDyAg

Jimi Maffei is a sound recordist, engineer, mixer and performer. His background as a performer can be seen in his open, collaborative apporach to music production. Alongside his formal training (Grade VIII Drum Kit, Grade VII Theory of Music, BA Music) Jimi is no stranger to the DIY approach, learning through bedroom and garage-based recording sessions in his formative years. These experiences have formed both the technical and interpersonal skills that have continued into his professional practice.

Jimi has worked as a live engineer (FOH/ MONS) for bands, touring theatre companies, as well as a wide range of corporate and sporting events around london. He is also well versed in working with the moving image including composing for shorts or live AV events, recording live sessions or producing jingles for advertisements.

For more information please contact at jmaffei@virginmedia.com


15.11.2016 - 'Tube Chat' exhibited @ Studio North Gallery