Jeremy Evans


Location: London

Jeremy Evans works in drawing, performance video and text, examining structures of understanding that we use consciously or otherwise to traffic with the world around us. As “the eye makes the horizon” so it is that frameworks such as beliefs, language, borders, and identities create and maintain the way that we traffic with the world, mediating our relationships with things. Some of these frameworks are made by the self, some created by society, history and culture. Increasingly the internet is the mediating factor, it both structures our behaviour and makes explicit some of our more subconscious structures. It is these frameworks that I examine in the belief that even if we cannot understand the structures themselves, the process of examination will reveal something of how we create and apply them.


Solo shows

My Left Hand Wants to Buy Me a House ASC Gallery London
Book of Numbers dalla Rosa Gallery London 2012
Gooden Gallery One night Stand First Thursday London 2010
Transition Gallery (shop space) London 2009


Untitled dream of philosophers; subsequently retitled Apiary Studios London 2014
Hyperlogical Mythology of Things Tells Tales of Our Ancestors
Camden Arts Centre London 2013
Sluice Art Fair London 2013
TENT Rotterdam 2013


Camden Arts Centre London 2013
TENT Rotterdam 2013

Open selections

Lines of Desire Oriel Davies Gallery Newtown Wales 2010
Visions in the Nunnery Bow Arts Trust London 2010
new contemporaries Liverpool A Foundation; and London La Rochelle 2008
Material Intelligence Trinity Buoy Wharf & Keith Talent Gallery 2007
Future Film Camden Arts Centre 2005 Selected for a showcase of new films from most promising undergraduates


Insolvent Fates Dickens Museum London 2010
Lexi Cinema Screening London 2009
Willesden Gallery London 2008

Group shows

Cross Section 01 dalla Rosa London 2012
London Art Fair London 2012
Pulp Fictions Transition Gallery London 2011
Common Distrust National School for the Arts Mexico City 2011
Minimum: after minimalism Intervention Gallery London 2011
Textures of Time Frederick Parker Gallery London 2011
4 x 6 Galerie Lorenz Frankfurt 2010
Species of Spaces Paul Smith Showroom London 2010
Beyond the Dustheaps Charles Dickens Museum London 2010
Preambles and Perambulations Charles Dickens Museum London 2010
Time Networks, A New Work Network Activator Project, Brighton 2008/9
Secrets of Translation Nolias Gallery London 2008
Inconclusion Islington Arts Factory London 2008
Home Blackheath London 2008
return it (two) My Life in Art London 2007
Letting Go Waterloo Gallery London 2007
Exhibition Willesden Gallery London 2006
Reflection Curzon Cinema London 2005


Lines of Desire catalogue 2010
new contemporaries catalogue 2008