As a Costume and Performance Designer/ Maker in Devised, Dance, Children's Theatre, Sustainability and Community my recent commissions include: Feast On The Bridge, Thames Festival curator Claire Patey, to create Toasting Events - mass toast to the River Thames and public are invited to raise a glass and toast on Southwark Bridge.
Costume Designer :Art On The Underground: Underground Heroes, in collaboration with artist David Blandy, National Portrait Gallery and the young people of Fairbridge. Installed at Charing Cross and Embankment tube stations.
As a Higher Education professional, working previously at Dartington College of Arts and Central School of Speech and Drama, I am currently Costume Supervisor and Maker at Central Saint Martins College of Art, managing the Costume workshop for BA (Hon) and MA Performance Design and Practice courses, facilitating design for Costume.


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Nov 2010 Production Designer Side Effects dANTE or dIE Royal Opera House. Devised Dance theatre based on medical diaries of the performers. Developed in 2011 with Wellcome Trust.

Sept 2010 Designer Feast On The Bridge Thames Festival Toasting Events: Recycled worksoph to create a harvest hat for a mass toast to the River Thames. Roving toasting Trolley inviting the public to raise a glass and create a toast on Southwark Bridge.

April 2010 Production Designer The Bug And The Butterfly (4years+) Peut-etre Theatre

Devised physical theatre for children based on poems and play by Lorca. Collaboration with entomologist, Oxford University. Touring 2010-11incl. Lyric Hammersmith, Polka theatre, Museum of Natural History Oxford.

Oct 2009 Costume Design Consultant/ Maker Ration Me Up The Ministry of Trying to Doing Something About It, Artist Clare Patey, Sustainable Futures, Design Museum. The Bigger Picture Festival, New Economics Foundation, Arnolfini Bristol, Copenhagen Climate Change Summit.

Aug 2009 DIY 6: Live Art for Children, Live Art Development Agency. Workshop of 4 International Artists and their children with Howard Matthew & Caitlin Newton - Broad.

June 2009 Costume Designer Art on the Underground: Underground Heroes Collaboration with Artist David Blandy, young people of Fairbridge and National Portrait Gallery to create their Superhero Photographic Portraits and Manga Comic. Charing Cross and Embankment tube.

July 2009 Costume and Workshop Designer The Big Event, Home Live Art. Costume workshops in primary schools and public workshops based on the suffragette movement for a mass costume parade, to celebrate the regeneration of Myatt's Fields Park.

Oct 2008 - 10 Production Designer This Is A That (4 years+) Peut-etre Theatre. Devised physical theatre for children based on short stories by Ionesco. Touring 2009-10 incl. Polka Theatre, Lyric Hammersmith, Oxford Playhouse, and V&A Museum of Childhood.

Sept 2008 Costume Designer Maker Feast On The Bridge, Thames Festival. Curator Clare Patey, Director Toby Jones, Ayse Tashkiran. Costuming 120 school children and workshops in primary school for the opening ceremony performance. Sustain and London Development Agency.

2007 - 2009 Production Designer Chi Chi Bunichi Devised Ladino performance, Performed in various spaces incl. Siobhan Davies studio, Peoples Show, Polish Synagogue, Romania.

2007 Costume Designer Maker Matador Costume for promotional advert Osborne and Little

2006 Design Consultant Dance Hummingbird Costume wallpaper promotion Osborne and Little

Each promotion published internationally in World of Interiors, Wallpaper magazines.

2005 Exhibition Curator and Designer Catching A Glimpse Of Peggy Ramsey's Wardrobe, interactive archive exhibition Hampstead Theatre

Costume Maker Playing the Victim, Told By An Idiot Royal Court Director Richard Wilson.