Jean Noel Chazelle

Location: Paris

Jean Noel Chazelle is a French Artist living in Montmartre PARIS. He works on multiple support (Painting, Sculpture, Performance, Installation) and various media (Photo, Movie, Sound). After 7 years of performances in Cledalique Gallery created by Salvador Dali and Miette in Cadaques in the north of Spain, follo- wing the encouragement of Teeny Duchamp he returned to painting and begun to experiment the acrylic paint on plexiglass in 1997. He went to the state after his first exhibition at Sacha Tarassof who associated him with Support Surface. Jean Noel has a Museum in Massachussetts, Noama witch places on front of MassMoca. He as integrated numerous collections. His first poetry book as been edited in by Poet Republik in Califonia. He is preparing his first European museum exhibition in Deauville for June 2020. In October 2019 he will exhibit in Berlin and read his poems in front of the foundation of Ws Burroughs, the Estate of Ginsberg and the Henry Miller Foundation.