Jay Nova


Location: London
Website: www.thecurlyway.co.uk

I have created a bespoke haircutting technique that involves dry cutting curly hair to create shapes and designs that no other hair service in the UK currently provides for Curly headed girls/guys alike.

Before you ask yourself why I don't just rent a chair in a salon, the answer to that is simple. I am providing not only a creative hairstyle but teach every client the in's and outs of the art of curls and how to deal with their natural haircare everyday. We only use cruelty free, vegan , chemical free cosmetics and this works against the salon business model where they peddle push the very opposite products to clients.

I specialise in unique natural hairdo's for fashion events and weddings that involve minimal heat use and non toxic chemicals and hairsprays etc.

I have a colleague that joins me 3 days a week, and am looking for a private studio but wouldn't mind sharing with someone if they didn't mind the noise of our hair dryer. We are extremely creative and like no other hair stylists in London looking to change the face of 'beautiful' hair.