Jacob Watmore


Location: London
Website: www.jacobwatmore.com

You're reading a statement about the work of Jacob Watmore. You're being placed into a situation where the artist is playing with fiction and reality through the use of language.

The objects around you are evidence to a possible fiction that you may take part in, asking you to pretend with the work, a potential event. These objects aim to be placed in a method of creating something that might already exist, an orchestrated situation that mimics the everyday use of objects to provide evidence of a possible fiction.

The written word takes you to a hypothetical point within this moment, in an attempt to suspend disbelief. This language is used to reference things outside of your present perception, a space where nothing can really be certain. It's your own choice whether its reality or fiction, since language doesn't have the ability to hold a concrete inbuilt truth and a concrete connection with this world. In this context something might be part of reality but in the next it may have no relation to it.


Selected Exhibitions


Five Finger Discount, Bronze Dog, Göteborg, Sweden

Bought objects, withfc, Very Friendly, Glasgow

Company, Florida Collective, Edinburgh

Empathy Flows, Zabludowicz Collection, London

Performance Festival, Light Eye Mind, London

Sell Out, Seize Projects @ STCFTHOTS, Leeds

NAWKI(not as you know it), MUESLI, Liverpool


Plinth with rug, The Plinth, Glasgow

Keeping up with the Joneses, Assembly House, Leeds

From the back of your head, DKUK, London

TREAT YO SELF, (It’s all) Tropical, Bloc Projects, Sheffield

SUPERMARKET SWEEP, Nice Gallery, London

Woon Painting and Sculpture Prize, Baltic 39, Newcastle

Prism Manchester 2.0, Toast Gallery, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester


EVICTION: an exhibition at UCU, UCU, London

Collaborative Exhibition, Stepping Stone Studios, Kent

Missing you already..., East Street Arts, Watford, London

Work, Rogue Studios, Manchester


Mechanical Juggler, Bombast Gallery, London

Weather Pt.2, Team Titanic, Berlin

Semes Spatial, Campbell Works, London

Are you working too much?, Byam Shaw, London

Selected Curatorial Projects


‘Group Show’ Podcast with Caitlin Merrett King

NAWKI with Focal Point Gallery, Eastside Projects ESP, ebc, CBS Gallery, SPUR, serf, HUTT, Limbo, Ladette Space.

30/30 with online project thirty.works

Fresh ‘n’ Frozen, Art Licks Weekend

Life Babies, exhibition curated by Gabrielle de la Puente

first thursdays with... Jeremy Kyle’s Birthday Party with Kat Buchanan & Aidan Strudwick, and Rosa Nussbaum.

NAWKI with Aspiration Suits, CHARIZA, COLLAR, withfc & Ladette space.


Project Y-Y with James Hatton, 2017

GUIDED AUGMENTATION with Gabrielle de la Puente, 2016

Publications, Awards & Residencies


Assembly House Graduate Residency, Leeds, 2015

Woon Foundation Painting and Sculpture Prize, (2nd Prize) 2015

Variations I, Hato Press, June 2014

'Scribus 15', ArtFunkl, Manchester, 2014

RUDAIR, Sweden, 2014