Location: Lee, London
Website: wildcornerz.blogspot.co.uk ....... thewonderscope.com

Jack Thurgar is an artist from South-East London. He works from his infamous h.q and archive; 'The Lantern Room' where he collaborates via distant communications with the mysterious city explorer and specimen collector, Solomon Wild. He works with urban mythology and folklore, distant or coded forms of communication, maps and wild/underground elements of the city. He makes work using analogue video and audio collaging, writing, live rituals and experiments, documentary film and site specific interventions; both in the landscape and on the net.

MA Fine Art - Byam Shaw, Saint Martins 2010 - 2011
Jack also runs a mural and wall art painting company called The Wonderscope.


2015 ‘The Swamp’ Documentary film
2013 – 2014 The Wonderscope, public and private mural painting commissions
2013 ‘English Flesh’ – Hey Colossus, music video
2012 ‘Shaded’ Video collage projections for our monthly club night
2011 ‘Internal Networkz [Vol. 1 The Quaggy]’ Video documentary and ‘on-site’ mapping, [MA Final Show] Byam Shaw – St Martins School of Art
2011 ‘Tracing the Water Cycle’ Live ritual using mixed analogue equipment and objects – [Smashing Time Show] The Ragged School, E3
2011 ‘The Fire Mix [Six Sacred Weeds]’ / ‘Summer Solstice Ritual [Secret Footage]’ Performance and video - Byam Shaw – St Martins School of Art
2011 ‘Tracing the Water Cycle’ Live ritual using mixed analogue equipment and objects – Lecture Theatre, Byam Shaw – St Martins School of Art
2010 ‘Winter Solstice/ Dxing/ Solomon Wild’ Live ritual with accompanying text, streamed live on the internet at dusk
2010 ‘Grove Park Wall Excavation’ Installation and site specific excavation – Concourse Gallery, Byam Shaw – St. Martins School of Art
2009 ‘Last night at the Lighthouse’ [Solo show] One night event. Live-in installation artwork – The Lighthouse, London
2008 ‘Antonin Artuad; Student Guide Literacy Series’ cover illustration [Greenwich Exchange]
2008 ‘Legend of ‘The Lewisham Natureman’ [Solo show] – Artbok Gallery, Aarhus, Denmark
2007 ‘Salt-water Reggae’ timed sound installation – Trinity Boy Wharf, London

2004 – 2005 Independent solo trip across the Caribbean. [performance, site – specific projects, collecting materials and research]

2004 Soundscapes Created Live to Accompany 2 Silent Films [Visible Deeds Of Music - A Lecture By Dr Mike Allen, Birkbeck College] – Royal Academy of Music
2004 ‘Little Smoke’ Poem [Kin - Commemorative Tour Publication]
2004 ‘Floor words’ Video and slide projections [Kin Live] – The AKA, London
2003 ‘Blurred Lenses’ Video installation [Blacktronica/Kin] – ICA
2003 ‘Silent Freestyle’ Four video projections [Blacktronica] – ICA
2003 ‘Salt-Water Reggae’ Live sound performance [Kin Tour Launch] – Borders, Oxford Street
2003 ‘Napoleon’s Excellent Adventure’ [A showreel of media work] - Curzon Cinema, Soho
2003 Degree Show Exhibition – Quicksilver Place, Middlesex University
2002 ‘The Jack Thurgar Substance Relocation Program’ – Quicksilver Gallery, Middlesex University