Jonathan Kemp


Location: London

Jonathan Kemp is an artist involved in the elaboration of life coding strategies usually by way of some breton-brut sleights of hand.


Jonathan Kemp has a long history of speculative and situational events elaborated as active makings-in-the-world. Project collaborations (including as ap and xxxxx) range through material processing performances, environmental installations, speculative symposia, and social software events, executed throughout Europe, Brazil, and the US. Collaborative publications include exquisite_code and the acclaimed [the] xxxxx [reader].

Current projects and performances are informed by an interest in aleatory and code-brut reconfigurations of computations material substrates (eg. The Crystal World).

Selected Recent Work:

Aug-Jan 2014 Life vs Object Residency, PostMediaLab, University of Leuphana, Germany

May-Oct 2013 Experimental Communication System Venice - performance and installation in Metamorphoses of the Virtual - 100 Years of Art and Freedom as Piksel Remote HackLab

May 2013 Bricolabs Exhibition, Pixelache 2013 Helsinki

Apr 2013 Slave to the Algorithm, Mute Launch, London - panel and microwave performance, noise=noise

Dec 2012 noise=noise @ the luna park London - performance at Luna Park

Nov 2012 experimental communication system Bergen - open workshop and performance at Piksel12 FLOSSart festival

Jul-Oct 2012 The Crystal World v.02 London - Six day Open Lab & Exhibition exploring geology/computing, Space Permacultures Residency, The White Building, London

Feb 2012 The Crystal World v.01 - Six day Open Lab & Exhibition exploring geology/computing, Club Transmediale New Media Festival, Berlin

Feb 2012 Incompatible Material - Intervention within Transmediale12 New media Art Festival, Berlin

Jan 2012 the_dulling_of_greasy_eyes_and_moons_in_the_red_putrid_mud noise=noise:theory, performance presentation, London

Nov 2011 etruscan torture computing London - Live performance at nohup@noise=noise

Oct 2011 Openlab workshop, London - Creation of artificial fulgurites description

Sep 2011 The Suffolk Psychogeophysics Summit Suffolk - Creation of artificial fulgurites from minerals derived from computers using high voltage electricity description

Aug 2011 noise=noise: the opening London - Live chemical-material noise performance documentation

Jul 2011 Stoy Pa Landet Noise Festival Trondheim - Live chemical-material noise performance documentation

Jul 2011 recrystallization - Three day computer mineral refining workshop, Supermarkt, Berlin

Jun 2011 ecosex_barcelona - Live chemical-material noise performance, CCCB, Barcelona

Jun 2011 nohup performance night - Live chemical-material noise performance, London

May 2011 decrystallization - Two day computer recycling workshop, nohup, London

Mar2011 nohup peformance night, London co-organiser, performer

Feb 2011 Liquid State Machine - Liquid computing workshop, Transmediale11, Berlin

Nov 2010 Exquisite Code - Piksel, Bergen - city-wide distributed analogue ludic version of exquisite_code

Nov 2010 moddr_* Brussels - Group show, IMAL Centre for digital cultures and technology

Sep 2010 Pychogeophysics Tempelhof Berlin

Aug2010 The London Psychogeophysics Summit - Co-organiser – week long series of workshops/activities

Jul 2010 Knowledge of the Hidden - Brain and weak magnetic field coding installation, Barbican, London

Feb 2010 exquisite_code Event Gallery, London - Collaborative writing/software project, 7 writers/5days followed by live performance salon

Jun 2009 Breakthrough xxxxx. Berlin – prototype exquisite_code writing project &&
brain and weak magnetic field coding project

Presentations & Publications:

Descristalização in 'Technomagia', Rio de Jainero: Nuvem Oct2013

Some thoughts on process and procedure, 'Thinking Matter seminar', Dept. of Philosophy, Universidade de Brasilia, Brasilia May2012

Some thoughts on process and procedure, SET, Nano, Universidade de Rio de Janeiro May2012

Kemp, J. Book Chapter: Practical Ethics v2.0 in Bracker, A., Richmond, A., eds. 'Conservation: Principles, Dilemmas, and Uncomfortable Truths' Elsevier Sep2009

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Kemp, J. Book Chapter: Marble in Henry, A, ed. Stone Conservation: Principles and Practice. Shaftesbury: Donhead Nov2006

Kemp, J. Emmanual Swedenborg's Physical Computing in Howse, M., Kemp, J., eds., xxxxx xxxxx/Mute: London Sep2006

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