Location: London, United Kingdom

I am a young artist and I studied at the Art Institute. I have been part of the art world since I know myself. From the beginning of my art carrer till present, I participated in more than 30 group art exhibitions and I also had a tandem exhibition with my art master, Gheorghe MIRON, in 2015; I have received many art awards and recently, I participated in two art camps.
After university graduation I became a freelance artist.
I studied painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, aesthetics, art history, human body expression (anatomy, portrait expression, motion expressions, human typologies, scenic movement, film frames), philosophy.
I have graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts with exceptional qualification, remaining the same sociable person with leadership qualities, managing to be a pleasant and loving person during my studies in all the actions I have organized.
Outgoing from the ˝the work of the great Masters of Art” and the “Human Existence in a Limited Space” my main focus lies upon the Surrealism and Hyperrealism painting in contemporary times. Also, I’m interested in abstract and conceptual art based on philosophy notions.
I’ve known myself as an artist since I was little. My parents offered me paper and pencils to express what I want through the lines. Since then, I only know this world as an art world. I have learned that everything can be expressed through thoughts, body expressions, words, lines, volume, shadows, light and color.
I know that nature is perfect as it is and any attempt to recreate reality with the result of a trace left by the brush, is just a picture, it can never be as valuable as the original nature; so I paint to keep a beautiful part of the world always with me, wearing the beauty of perfection in me and sharing with others.
I like deep ideas that lead to imagination and therefore my works get a surrealist direction combined with hyperrealism. The objects are not simple representations, these are part of an existential concept of living. Symbols such as the passage of time, past, present, future, memories, manipulation, sadness, loneliness, injustice, envy, desire, courage, success, dream, knowledge, ignorance, the secret of existence, turns my works into reality.
When it comes to abstract and coceptional notes, it’s almost the same kind of existential ideas. Everything has a sense of illusion, a contrast between every single detail of existence.
So, through my work I draw attention to the moments we live in and the way life transforms us and gives us everything. We have moments of glory but also of failure, because we have learned to build a goal and try to get it. We create a sense to our lives and our mind becomes the creator of what we feel...
I thank my art master, Gheorghe Miron, who gave me “life”, who guided me and transformed me into an artist, who opened my eyes to artistry and desire to perfection, who believes in my dreams; I thank the world for letting me be part of it and therefore I have the chance to leave a trace in this universe. I thank the one who will pay attention to these thoughts, my portfolio and my story

2013-2014 Université Paris 8 (Vincennes à Saint-Denis), Saint-Denis, Paris, France
2012-2015 Bachelor of Fine Arts - painting, Faculty of Arts and Design, Timișoara, Romania
2010-2012 Particular Training with the artist Gheorghe MIRON, in his studio
2005-2012 High School of Fine Arts, Galati, Romania


2015 „Pas în doi (Step in two)” , Museum of Visual Art, Galați, Romania

2017 ”Salonul de toamnă (Autumn Salon)”, Gallery ”N. Mantu”,Galați, Romania Bienala Națională de Artă Contemporană ”Aegyssus”(The National Biennale of Contemporary Art "Aegyssus”), 3st. edition, Museum of Art, Tulcea, Romania ”Artiști plastici gălățeni, colaborare între cele doua filiale UAP (Galati artists, collaboration between the two UAP branches)”, Galleryes of Art ”Ion Andreescu”, Buzău, Romania “Artistii filialei UAP Galati (The artists of the Branch of Galati)” University "Dunărea de Jos", Galați, Romania ”Salonul de vară (Summer Salon)”, Gallery ”N. Mantu”, Galați, Romania Tabăra de creație “Boholț ( The creation camp "Boholt”), 6st.edition, Museum of Făgăraş Country ”Valer Literat” from Fagaras Fortress, Romania ”În Oglindă( In the mirror)”,County Art Museum Prahova "Ion Ionescu-Quintus”, Ploiesti, Romania Tabăra de creație “Pro Boholț”( Creation Camp "Pro Boholt”), 5st. edition, Museum of Visual Art, Galati, Romania ”În Oglindă(In the mirror), National Village Museum "Dimitrie Gusti", hall H.H.Stahl, Bucharest, Romania “Salonul de primăvară (Spring Salon)”, Gallery “N. Mantu”, Galați, Romania

2016 ”Salonul de iarnă (Winter Salon)”, Gallery ”N. Mantu”, Galați, Romania ”Expoziția membrilor Societății Artiștilor Figurativi din România( Exhibition of the members of the Romanian Figurative Artists' Society)”, Gallery EriCris Art, Bucharest, Romania ”Artiști gălățeni la Dunărea de Jos (Galati artists at Lower Danube)”,Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest, Romania ”Expoziția de constituire a Societății Artiștilor Figurativi din România (Exhibition to establish the Society of Figurative Artists in Romania)” ,Museum of Visual Art, Galați, Romania ”Salonul de toamnă (Autumn Salon), Gallery ”N. Mantu”, Galați, Romania Tabăra de creație “Boholț”( The creation camp “Boholt”), 5st.edition, Union Museum, Iași, Romania Tabăra de creație “Boholț”( The creation camp "Boholt”), 5st.edition, Museum of Făgăraş Country ”Valer Literat” from Fagaras Fortress, Romania ”Artiști gălățeni (Galati artists)", UAP Art Gallery, Brăila, Romania ”Salonul de vară ( Summer Salon)”, Gallery ”N. Mantu”, Galați, Romania

2015 ”INTRO (Version)”, Atelier Gallery 030202, Bucharest, Romania "A face din lume pielea noastră ( To make our skin from the world )”, Theresia Bastion, Timișoara, Romania Graduate exhibition- painting, Faculty of Art and Design, Timișoara, Romania "Fenomen de tranziție (The phenomenon of transition)", Memorial of the Revolution in 1989, Timișoara, Romania "Desenul din atelier (Drawings from the atelier)", Faculty of Art and Design, Timișoara, Romania 2013 "Prélude à la Sibérie : chaleur du froid", Gallery „Le Hall", Université Paris 8, Paris, France

During the university studies I participated in all the collective exhibitions that were organized in Timisoara and Paris.

2016 Art Gala, Award for Excellence Debut, offered by the president of the UAP branch Galati, Romania 2011 First prize at the International Camil Ressu Competiton, 10 st edition 2008 Shankar's International Chilldren's Competition Award 1st, 2st , 3st prizes for various Art Competitions

Private collection, Bucharest, Romania

LANGUAGES English,French