Jess White

Location: Tottenham

Hi I’m Jess, I’m the designer and printmaker at Ink & Brayer where I create limited edition linocut prints.

Ink & Brayer prints are made using high quality inks and papers and each picture in an edition is carefully hand-printed, signed and numbered, so there are little variations and no two are exactly the same - you’ll be owning or gifting a totally unique original.

My inspiration comes mainly from the natural world here on Earth, but I also like to feature fantastical things from further afield into space, as I’m fascinated by science fiction.

All the prints at Ink & Brayer start out as my sketches, which I work on to identify areas of contrast, texture, or colour that will work well in a print, before carving the design into a lino block with special tools. All my prints are based on my original sketches and I love seeing the ideas in my head come to life as I carve out the lino. Peeling the paper back from the block to reveal the first print of an edition never loses its excitement.