Hugo Lavin


Location: London

My creative field is within the arena of fashion where I specialise in fashion styling/editing and art direction.

I work to develop concepts through clothes either for personal projects, for publishing in magazines or in collaboration with individual brands. To fulfil my role I work closely with teams of other artists (photographers, make up, hair stylists, models, set designers, graphic designers, art directors), which are predominantly London based although can reach to international contacts when projects dictate.

Currently I assist a well known fashion editor working for well renowned magazines and brands in the fashion and art business.

Next year I am planning to collaborate with The European Design Institute in Madrid supporting upcoming/budding fashion stylists understand the culture and market in London. This will involve introducing the students to fashion studios, press offices and model agencies in and around the city.

I have previously edited my own bi-annual men's fashion magazine, Varon in collaboration with a photographer. Together we published 12 issues over the course of 6 years supporting new and upcoming designers, photographers, stylists, journalists and 'new faces' with contributions from many well respected people within the industry.


I am currently working on a 'go see' exhibition with a local photographer to be developed in 2019.