Hugh Ridsdill-Smith


Location: Lee Green, London SE12

Woodwork and design have been lifelong interests of mine. My introduction to woodwork was with my father in his workshop at home. I studied woodwork, together with metalwork with Ted Mills in Maidstone and had regular lessons from our local village carpenter in Marden, Kent. Woodwork runs in the family, I inherited my great grandfather’s tools and the workbench – a number of which which I use. I draw inspiration from many sources: the Design Museum is a particular favourite, but skilled work is all around. Recently I took part in a ‘Build a Tiny House’ course at the Centre for Alternative Technology. Their commitment to sustainable living is particularly important for me.

I established WoodWorks in September 2016. Our approach is practical, and we put our clients’ priorities first – be they design, practicalilty, affordability, aesthetic or sustainability. Wood is a wonderful material, flexible, strong and incredibly versatile. Most things are possible. If you’ve got a project in mind and want to find out whether and how it will work, I’d be happy to talk it over with you.