Howard Payne

Location: USA

Imagine Using Tropical Plants and Exotic Flowers to Create a Paradise at Home!

Are you inspired by tropical plants and exotic flowers? Do you dream of watching the sun set while relaxing in a tropical paradise?
You are about to discover that you can spend every day in paradise without leaving home!

Do you spend hours looking through travel brochures and magazines, dreaming and planning your next vacation? There's nothing like being surrounded by lush, colorful foliage and sipping on an exotic, fruity drink.

Are you spending precious time dreaming and planning for a few days a year in paradise? You can live in a tropical paradise without moving from your home!

Strategically placed tropicals, subtropicals, and tropical "look-a-likes" create a cool and relaxing atmosphere.tropical exotic plants
As you explore this website, you will:

Discover how to create gorgeous landscapes and exquisite gardens using tropical plants and exotic flowers.
Learn how to design beautiful container gardens and stunning flower arrangements with indoor palm plant identification app - This app also can help with other plants.