Holly Watson

Location: London
Website: hollyelanwatson.com

Holly Elan Watson is a multidisciplinary artist who draws influence from events, conversations and people around her to explore societal values and interactions. Judgement, compassion and empathy are key themes throughout her work. She grew up in London and has a Fine Art and Visual Culture degree from the University of the West of England.


2017 Eleventh -Spike Island, Bristol

2017 I'm Fine -The Crypt, St Pauls Church, Bristol

2017 Spike Open -Spike Island, Bristol

2017 Drag Rave -The Queenshilling, Bristol

2016 Mish Mash -The Island, Bristol

2016 End of year -WdKA, Rotterdam

2015 Spike Open -Spike Island, Bristol

2014 Level 1 Group Show -Spike Island, Bristol

2014 Becoming -Kensington and Chelsea College,

2013 Boundaries -Artisan 80 Gallery, London

2012 Encounters and Experiences -Artisan 80 Gallery, London

2011 Similarities and Differences -Willesden Green Library Gallery,