Hilde Krohn Huse

Location: London
Website: www.hildekrohnhuse.co.uk

Krohn Huse works within the field of narratives; editing, manipulating, twisting and skewing information and narrative content to control the viewers perceptions while also making them aware of the process. Krohn Huse’s content usually consists of found material which then comes together in films or collages or text to create an entirely new narrative. Krohn Huse also creates filmed performances which play with the honesty of performance and the deceptive qualities of modern film, creating a conflict with the integrity of the performance.


‘Young Gods’, Charlie Smith Gallery, London, 2015
‘Young Gods’, Griffin Gallery, London, 2015
‘Designing a Moment’, Museum of London, 2014
'Slade MA/MFA Fine Art Degree Show', Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London, 2014
‘SE23 Film Festival’, London, 2014 
‘Digital Late', Museum of London, London 2014
‘In Da House’, London, 2014
‘Slade Interim 2013’, Woburn Square, London, 2013
‘Milk Money’, Redchurch Street Gallery, London, 2012
'Farnham Degree Show', UCA, Farnham, 2012
‘R02’, UCA, Farnham, 2011
‘Eat My Hat’, 10 Gales Gallery, London, 2011
‘Space Cadets’, Blyth Gallery, London, 2010
‘Future Home’, Future Home, Wokingham, 2010
‘Little and Often’, 242 Space, London, 2010