Henry Thompson

Location: Lomdon
Website: www.henryedenarts.co.uk

Thompson uncovers elements of the sacred, which permeate and influence our daily experiencr of life. His drawings are windows and mirrors to different aspects of the Self, creating a visible and more tangible connection to the internal realms of thought and emotion. Through his work, Thompson holds an intimate, healing and reflective quality; each piece, a fragment of the subconscious map, tracing the inner workings of life that transcend states of separation. Both the lightness and darkness of the imagination that pours out through the paintings and drawings, give form and life to inner visions, inspiration and emotions that may otherwise lay dormant and unseen. Thompson's work traces his own personal and collective journey, and uses his work as a vehicle to make the immaterial more real in our lives.

If you want to get in contact, e-mail me at: henryedenarts@gmail.com