Henry Hate

Location: London
Website: www.henryhatefineart.com

Multi Disciplinary Visual Artist and Tattoo artist based in London whom plagerises or revolutionises depending on your perspective.


1988 “1st Annual Orange County Gay And Lesbian Gay Pride Art Show” Santa Ana, California

1989 “Under Ground Art Show” Primary Color Gallery Orange, California

1991 “Sexual Surgery” Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Los Angeles, California

1992 “Anger” Palazzetti Design Showroom Beverly Hills, California

1995 “Pop Tarts” Highways Performance Space & Gallery, Santa Monica, California

1995 “My Dark Secrets” LA Erotic Weekend Young Moguls Hollywood, California

1996 “Purged and Pulled” 50 Bucks Gallery Downtown Los Angeles, California

2004 “Garden Of Earthly Delights” The Vestry London, England

2006 “Blow It Out Yer Ass” NO:ID Gallery London, England

2009 “Iconography Of The Mask” Resistance Gallery London, England

2010 “Cube “ Nissan Motors Uk Car Launch London Bridge London, England

2011 “ Stripped” Orbital Comics London, England

2012 “Spare Parts” Rag Factory London, England

2012 “Religionis Violenta” Westbank Gallery London, England

2013 “Illustraded Ape Torch Songs And Firehoses”, Orbital Comics London, England

2013 “Sons Of Warhol”, Agroturismo Atzaro Ibizia , Spain

2013 “Moniker Art”, Truman Brewery Brick Lane London, England

2013 “London Frieze Week”, Mayor’s Parlour London England

2014 “Urban In Ibiza”, Agroturismo Atzaro Ibiza, Spain

2014 “When I Walk In Your Shoes”, Westbank Gallery London, England

2014 “Moniker Art Fair” Old Truman Brewery Brick Lane London, England

2014 “Smile Britannia”, House Of Commons Parliament Westminster, England

2015 “Urban In Ibiza 7”, Agroturismo Atzaro Ibiza, Spain

2015 "Sabbat Festival Of Dark Arts", Apriary Studios, London, England

2015 "Moniker Art Show" Old Truman Brewery Brick Lane

London, England

2016 "The Big Bang" Westbank Gallery London,


2016 "HM90" Group Show Black & White Building Shoreditch, London England

2016 "Rhythm" Imitate Modern Pop Up Mayfair, London England

2016 "Urban In Ibiza 8 Agroturismo Atzaro Ibiza, Spain

2016 "Rebel Rebel" Relaod Gallery Lemington Spa, England Uk

2016 "Summer Show" Imitate Modern London England UK

2016 "Sabbat Festival Of Dark Arts Underdog Gallery London , England

​2016 "Master & Disciple" Westbank Gallery London, England

2016 "Moniker Art Show", Old Truman Brewery Brick Lane, London England

2017 "Pop" Herrick Gallery London England

2017 "Hunter S. Thompson Group Show" Westbank Art London England

2017 "Urban In Ibiza 9" Agroturismo Atzaro Ibiza Spain

2017 "Queer Art(ists) Now Queer Arts Festival/Archive Gallery London.

2017 Moniker Art Show Truman Brewery Brick Lane London England

2018 "Pop Rocks" Duo Show w/ Rich Simmons Imitate Modern London England

​2018 "More Popular Than Jesus" Group Artist Soho Society Show Tileyard London