Haydn Albrow


Location: London
Website: http://haydnalbrow.co.uk/

My practice moves across multiple platforms including large scale sculptural works, installations, poetry and sound. My work often addresses themes of the conscious and unconscious mind; thinking of our brain as a machine that manipulates, interprets and manoeuvres memories, language and dreams into tangible thoughts and ways of thinking. More recently I have been exploring the language that evolves from conversations about dreaming, thinking about the ways we interpret our dreams as well as everyday scenarios that we experience and how we can relate the two.

I see all materials as tools for both drawing and performance - recently I’ve been extruding materials such as clay and dough through structures I’ve built. These machine-like sculptures work like our minds, manipulating the source material and creating new, processed versions of it (as our dreams draw on reality but contort it through an often absurdist lens). My work reflects in equal parts the processes of making and the processes involved in thought, and aim to make sculptures that contain a performative, interactive element.



Solo Exhibitions:

Celebrating Nothing's, Stables In Exile, July 28th - August 21st 2018

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2020 London Grads Now, Saatchi Gallery, London

2020 Kristen Hjellegjerde Slade/RCA Graduate show, Kristen
Hjellegjerde gallery, London

2019 I’m In The Bath Where Are You?, The Icing Room, London

2019 House Warming, DAS, Safehouse 1, London

2018 Desperate Artist Seeking, A Side B Side Gallery, London

2018 Nostalgia, Art Number 23, London

2017 Marked, The Flying Dutchman, London

2017 The London Summer Intensive Showcase, Camden Arts Centre,

2017 Summer Show, Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, London

2017 Hippocampus, Malden Road Pop-up, London

2017 Spring Salon, Candid Arts Trust, London

2017 Close To Home, Rich Mix, London

2017 Only Place, New River Studios, London

2017 Platform For Emerging Arts 13, Leyden Gallery, London

2017 Colour Assembly, Malden Road pop-up, London

2016 Cass Degree Show, Central House, London

2016 Craftivism, Bank Gallery, London

2015 We, Now: Exchange LMU ALU, Galerija Suvremene Umjetnosti, Zagreb