Location: London
Website: http://haydnalbrow.co.uk/

My practice stems from a curiosity towards using and combining materials to create mixed media installations and sculptural works that incorporate elements of photography, casting, printing and found objects.
I aim to capture the fickle and fleeting nature of memories as well as exploring how the act of preserving them can be futile, instead potentially leading to their eventual distortion and fragmentation; the idea that memory can be altered to the point of destruction by overplaying it. Through occupying the exhibition space as a larger composition of the work, I try to illustrate the process and vulnerability of our memories; challenging the audience to visually explore the works through unconventional and non-linear presentation to capture the transition from ephemeral moment to a fragmented memory.


2017 The London Summer Intensive Showcase, Camden Arts Centre
2017 Summer Show, Walthamstow Village Window Gallery, London
2017 Hippocampus, Malden Road Pop-up, London
2017 Spring Salon, Candid Arts Trust, London
2017 Close To Home, Rich Mix, London
2017 Only Place, New River Studios, London
2017 Platform For Emerging Arts 13, Leyden Gallery, London
2017 Colour Assembly, Malden Road pop-up, London
2016 Cass Degree Show, Central House, London
2016 Craftivism, Bank Gallery, London
2015 We, Now: Exchange LMU ALU, Galerija Suvremene Umjetnosti, Zagreb