Harriette Thomas

Location: London
Website: Harriettethomas.com

I was born and grew up in Sydney, Australia but have been strongly influenced by my New Zealand and Polish ancestry. I studied at UNSW College of Fine Arts, completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011. I have experienced life in small towns and big cities including Byron Bay, New York and London, where I currently reside.

What's your medium?
My works collaborate mediums of charcoal and acrylics, some monochromatic, and others with added lashings of colour.

Why portraits?
Well because you can tell a lot about one's character and energy in one glance of their face and expression. The face is a vessel for character and holds a person’s integrity, especially when you look someone in the eyes.

Explain your style.
One stroke or line can alter your interpretation of the character within the portrait – getting this right is essential. My drawing technique is very loose – each stroke has intention to collaborate together to create the intended expression, however the action is rhythmic and natural – this may help the viewer to feel invited and welcome when engaging with the portrait – initial impact is key.

Where did it all begin?
I have always had an interest in drawing faces from an early age – this was strengthened during my final HSC body of work, which was when I realised it was my “thing” – it excited me immensely; especially drawing on a large scale, which I had not done before. I would begin a drawing and become so involved that it was hard to step away – this is why my works were whipped up so “quickly” – it was important that the energy and excitement was kept alive.

What inspires you?
Anything aesthetically pleasing from buildings to great photography and what I might see from day to day. Most importantly, great interesting faces and people inspire me!

When and where do you feel most comfortable behind the brush?
When I am in solitude in an open and light space with great music - all elements of the experience are very important to me.


Muse - RICHARD MARTIN ART 31st October 2013 - Sydney, Australia
Pure Pleasure - SECRET GARDEN 2016 Byron Bay, Australia