Heidi Allen

Location: South/East London
Website: www.hallenart.co.uk

I am a visual artist originally from Bradford, West Yorkshire who now works and resides in South East London – making art with a camera. Historically my work has focused largely on my idea of ‘self’ and my sexually fluid identity. My earlier work was also heavily influenced by traumatic experiences in both my childhood and young adulthood - particularly the death of both my father and my first and only female partner in life.

My more recent work has investigated three interconnected themes that have stemmed and progressed from my earlier practice:

1.) Female objectification of ‘self’ in an image saturated, digitally social world and the relationship of this specifically with Western objectification of women and rape culture.
2.) The impact that digital technology is having upon individual identity and in extension society.
3.) The concept of ‘The Male Ego’ in relation to the destructive human impact on the natural world.

I have largely and intentionally worked without the use of any photography editing software and I am engaged with the place that photography has as an art form today along with the historical conflict between this medium and painting. I seek to find new techniques that are difficult to determine and I have on occasion tried to create what I term ‘painting real’ photographs.

I have incorporated both paint and film into my practice but everything is created and exists to end in a photograph.


TBC - Studio 1.1, London – Summer 2017

Don’t Let Me Down - Artist & Curator - Bar 48, London – December 2016

In Focus - Bar Gallery, London – July 2015

Bar Print Show - Bar Gallery, London – January 2015