H Plewis

Location: London

H Plewis is an all round live artist and practitioner-researcher, specializing in dance and choreography.

Her career has enjoyed many phases, including directing the dance theatre company Zephyr in Zanussi, performing as a solo cabaret and club artist and undertaking a AHRC funded MRes in Performance and Creative Research.

H is an associate artist of the arts outfits Duckie and Carnesky Productions.

She is interested in layering designed and incidental elements in performance, investigating how the random and unreformed can rub alongside the imposed and thoroughly structured. Her work has often explored how the assumed 'fake' and 'real' intersect and interrogate each other. H’s MRes thesis proposed a philosophy of entertainment, paying particular attention to the ways in which entertainment can create and maintain a state of being 'held together'.

Having always had a strong interest in folk dance and song, H has begun to explore these in her work.