Gudrun Sigridur Haraldsdottir

Location: East London

I am a multidisciplinary artist and designer, born in Iceland and currently based in East London. I create scalable, multi sensual, site-specific, public and private art pieces, installations and designs; - either from client’s briefs or self- generated.

Since training in the U.K. as a Theatre Designer I have worked internationally on a range of projects; - in theatre, film, television and museums; and as public artist, lead artist and artist in residence, as well as working in a variety of media.

The crossover of my design and fine art is most apparent in my larger installations, where I draw on my experience in film, theatre and museums, using a multi-media approach, creating immersive environments to provoke multi sensual experiences that invite audience interactions and/or responses.


2015 #ID Margate – partisipatory multimedea installation, VIC, Droid House, Margate
2013 á:lit/a:view – Member of the month show SÍM, Reykjavík, Iceland
2011 fragments~remains – The Green Room Studio, Soho, London
2009 i:identify – NO:ID Gallery, London
2009 known not known – NO:ID Gallery, London
2009 Fortíðarflögur - Breiddalssetur, Breiddalsvik, Iceland
2002 GoodOldHvanneyri – Buvelasafn, Hvanneyri, Iceland

2014 Microworld Cardiff2 - interactive multimedia installation – Curated by Genetic Moo
2013 Microworld Margate –interactive multimedia installation Marine Studio - Genetic Moo
2012 Pushing Print – The Pie Factory, Margate. Curated by Dawn Cole
2012 Illumini – Shoreditch Town Hall Bacement, London. Curated by Jane Webb
2012 Makers at the Mill – The House Mill Gallery, London
2011 Am I? - Marine Studios, Margate. Curated by Kate Kneale
2010 Inspired by Margate - Marine Studios, Margate
2010 Quadratshow - Druck Dealer, Hamborg. Curated by Jaan Mat
2009 15x15 – NO:ID Gallery, London. Curated by Steve Mallaghan
2008 The Cowboy Art Fair - Decima Gallery, London. Curated by Geraldine Ryan
2008 Artist in Newham – Old Town Hall, Stratford, London. Curated by Laura Kerry
2007 Working Together – Surface gallery, Nottingham. Curated by Claire Sterland
2007 Florence Trust 2007 – Florence Trust Studio, London. Curated by Paul Bayley
2006 N5 Art Event – Florence Trust, Rollo Cont. Art & Estorick Collection, London
2004 In loving memory – Paper installation -The Gate, London
2004 momentum04 – Pasmore Edwards Museum, London. Curated by Hannah Liley
2003 WellMade03 - Old Stratford City Hall, London. Curated by Jess Tyrrell
2003 Origin - competition showcase – Refocus now - Gallery47, London
2003 Hoxton Project - Hoxton Hall, London. Curated by Kate Kneale & Sian Busby
2001 Fusion - Acute Angle Gallery, London
2000 Beyond the Frame – 2StepDA - Candid Arts, London. Curated by Kate Kneale