Gabriel Thorp


Location: London, South East

“There is another world, but it is in this one.” – William Butler Yeats
My paintings, video, photographs, drawings and installations are intended to depict a state of anxiety caused by external conditions that results in the fragmentation of a sense of self. My reaction to the environment has created a psychologically charged response which explores the gap between internal and external reality, subject and object, and the need to resolve and unite the two. It is about extra dimensions created by the power of thought and how, if you think something is real, then it is. The shadow acts as a symbol for the ephemeral aspect of human nature and the body begins to disappear as the root of identity.
A cast shadow appears as a doorway to another psychic dimension. The projection of distorted human figure can symbolise distorted feelings of the inner person. The absence of a body part shows how the mind can lose track of its physical existence. I tend to use a combination of two types of media either paint and charcoal or perhaps scratching into a photograph to represent two forms to reality. I try to represent alternative ideas to examine feelings and explore the way an individual can interpret different ways of being in what is essentially the same existence.


July 2012
The New Gallery, London, SE15 5PY
'Radicals and Non-Conformists'
May 2011
The National Portrait Gallery, London, WC2H 0HE
'Mark McGowan hosts
6th June 2009
The Sassoon Gallery, London, SE15 4QL
'The Role of the Village Idiot, curated by Mark McGowan'
March 2009
Peckham Square, London, SE15 5JT
Out of Many We are MORE than One
January 2009
Shoreditch Studios 31B New Inn
Yard London EC2Y
December 2008
Rua Poço dos Negros
Lisbon, Portugal, 1200-340
‘Spiritual Promises from Lost Prophets’
October 2008
Cordy House 87, 95 Curtain Road
London United Kingdom EC21 3BS
September 2008
Ashrafieh Pasteur street
Centre Dagher, Beirut, Lebanon. 01 200927
July 2006,
National Portrait Gallery, London, WC2H 0HE