Greta Davies


Location: London

Greta Davies is Fine Artist working across many media including paint, print, digital photography, stop motion, projection and installation.
Over the years her works have been making bounds into the world of space and architecture and have become more in tune with the existing architecture found in our everyday lives, using this as the starting point for her works. She is interested in the unnoticed and not easily accessible places that usually pass by us in our everyday lives.
Wanting to open up these spaces to the viewer. Creating spaces that will become more noticed or maybe even observed or seen in a different light than before.
Using line to create pattern, expanding the space and the visual experience for the viewer.
Moving away from the surface of the wall creating more complex structures.
The awkwardness of the spaces is used to an advantage when making work. Filling and expanding into corners and crevices, under staircases and behind doorways, stretching their bounds filling the spaces where the viewer cannot fully stand. This making it almost impossible for the viewer to observe the work in a comfortable or usual. The lines and pattern will encourage the viewer to move around and through the space. The work creating a more optically interesting viewing experience. But also playing with the idea of how art can be viewed.


2019- (upcoming) Out of Shape, Peer Gallery, London, UK
2019- Hot Mess, Studio Event, Acme Studios, Warton House, London UK
2018- Slade MFA Degree show, Slade School of Art, London UK
2018- Follow the Line, UCL main Library, London, UK
2018- observatory, UCL, Main quad, London, UK
2017- Interim show, Slade School of Art, London, UK
2017- Alumni Exhibition, Manchester School of Art Benzie Building, Manchester, UK
2016- Liquitex White Wall Project, Col Arts, London, UK
2015- Manchester School of art Degree Show, Manchester, UK
2013- NQ(ART)ER, Night and Day Café, Manchester, UK