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Location: London, Brixton

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on September 18, 2014
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I have been a practicing artist and educator for 15 years teaching architecture and art history and theory as well as studio tutoring. As the founder and director of A4Community (SP), a company that provides art and architecture educational programmes to art institutes, schools, high schools and universities, I have had experience in educational, development, and organisational roles. Under my guidance, A4Community produced three core art and architecture programmes: “Architecture & Urban Cultures” (AUC) for 10-14 years old pupils which was approved by the Ministry of Education and incorporated into the national curriculum for art; the other programme, Community Architecture Studio (CAS), provided an academic framework for collaborative art and architecture projects with students, schoolchildren, marginalised communities and cultural institutes. The third programme, “My Place”(MP), had a more open structure, producing collaborative art works, and was delivered in various art institutes.

My art practice is socially engaged, collaborative and often site-specific. My work deals with issues such as marginalized histories, personal identities, spatial narratives and human rights. It corresponds with modernist / Avant guard movements of the 20th century and in particular with the various derivatives of conceptual art. Having a strong background in architecture (I am currently completing a Ph.D.), much of my work relates to issues of place, space and urban cultures. I have been working with a wide range of media such as drawings, collage, photography, installations and performance. I have been using in my work specialized materials but more often everyday stuff. Most of my performances and urban interventions have been staged in public spaces, and other work (photography, installation, drawings and films) have been exhibited in galleries and museums in London (National Gallery, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Slade), Amsterdam (East 66 – Centre for Urban Culture), Cologne (The Museum of Youth & Sport) and Tel Aviv (Ha’aretz Museum). In 2012, I had a retrospective exhibition at the Architect’s Gallery in Jaffa, and currently I am working on an artist book funded by the Art Council. I am currently based in Brixton, London


Exhibitions (selection)

 Jaffa’s Crumbs – The Gallery Project, King’s Anatomy Museum, London (16.5.2014)
 Secret Service – A performance at Secretes and Confession Live Art event at JW3, London (06.04.2014)
 “Arab House for Sale” - a mock real-estate stall at Platform - Jaffa Port Art-Fair (08.2013)
 ب – a retrospective exhibition, the Architects House Gallery, Jaffa. Curator, Ami Steinitz (2012)
 "Gaia & Hassan draw (in) the Protest” – An exhibition at the Sport and Youth Museum, Koln – Germany 10/2012. An art and forthcoming illustrated book project which was carried out in collaboration with children of homeless families. The project was exhibited formerly at the 2nd International photography exhibition, Jaffa port 09.2012.
 "The Fourth Floor" - Curation of a pro bono project for the extension of Tel Aviv’s LGBT Centre (2012)
 Demilitarized Home-Lands: Envisioning Landscape of memory for Palestinians and Israelis – A research project and planning proposal was submitted to the Architecture for Humanity competition “[UN] Restricted Access” (06.2012)
 "A Homeless Family as an art installation", a week long performance and cultural events in Beit Ha'am – The People House, The headquarters of the Movement for Social Justice in Israel. 01/2012
 The Cinema for Fishes – an installation regarding the housing crises and the fight for social Justice in Israel at the Sea Wind Art Colony & Festival, Bat Yam 08/2011
 “Temporary There” – a video installation at Heterotopies at the Gallery for Engaged Art, Oranim College of Education, Hifa, 11/2011
 Home-Land - an urban intervention, part of "On the Fence" art festival in Yahuda Hayamit Street, Jaffa 7/2010
 Bibi's House – End of Residency exhibition at the Arab Democratic School in Jaffa (2011)
 Reclaim the Sq. – a recruitment poster at Glory Hole exhibition, Curator Pablo Leon de la Barra, Architectural Foundation’s Renegade City season, 7-22 July 2006.
 Inscriptions for a Cruising Ground – a room installation at Research Space exhibition, The Slade 2006
 Poble Nou’s Raw Architecture – a photographic research and room installation at EME3 Architectural Market, Barcelona (10/2005)
 The Limit of Inclusiveness – Exhibition with Transgressive Architecture group & studio, in 66East - Centre for Urban Culture, Amsterdam. (04/2005)
 “Dwelling on Process”, Curation of an exhibition at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery (07.2003).
 “Urban Co-Existence: Architectural Strategies for Communication”, the Italian Cultural Institute (01.2002). In collaboration with the Italian group Stalker.

Publications and Conferences (short selection)

 “Engaged Photography - ruin porn photography vs. photography as performance”,
 Art In Society conference, Rome (06.2014)
 “The Dead Zone”? is that what you called it?” at the international conference 'Writingplace – literary methods in architectural research and design', TU Delft, School of Architecture & the Built Environment, 2014
 Transgression & the City, in Border Conditions, M.Schoonderbeek (ed) 010 Publishers,NL (2010)
 Epilog for the book – Urban Interventions, Ana Mendez De Andes (ed) CAJA Spain (2010)
 P.S. Architecture as initiative, presentation at Setting a Setting symposium, the lecture was published in Public Works' fanzine 03/07
 “Outside Heterotopia: Where Mama Roma and the Kids Play” a paper at Topos - The Moving Image between Art and Architecture Research Spaces III, Slade, UCL (12.2006)
 “Urban Agriculture: Small, Medium, Large”, Architectural Design magazine – spatial issue Food & the City,May,2005.
 “…badland, blank space, border vacuums, brown fields, conceptual Nevada, Dead Zones …” in Field –Journal, Sheffield University, Vol. 1 2007, p.10-24 (Referred Publication)
 “Transgressive Architecture”, Loud Paper , Vol. 4, Issue 3, Art & Architecture issue, (06.2004) pp. 38-43.

Awards, Prizes and

 The Art Council Award for artist book publication (2013). IL
 Artist in the Community Award, The Cultural Ministry, (2010-2013), IL
 The British Council Grants to Artists scheme (2005), UK
 A scholarship from the Foundation for Advancing Education for Iraqi Descendents (2002), UK
 The British Chavening Scholarship Award - The British Council (1999),UK
 Henry Ford European Conservation Award (1998),IL