Georgina Wesley's practice is influenced by nostalgia and societies ever growing habitual need to return to the past. Her work has a sentimental quality in which everyday objects play a key role in implementing a narrative. She has adopted sound as an apparatus to create thought provoking installations which encourage the viewer to engage and relate not only on a reminiscent level but also emotionally.


P1 gallery, London Bow Arts Trust , June 2010
Sound installation, Read between the lines
Ob'llage (clock)

The Oblong Gallery, London
Miniscule, June 2010, Person under a train (story book)

Mile End Art Pavilion,
May 2010 Bat Pack, Sound installation, Read between the lines

SHIFT Gallery, London
Automated response, Sound installation, march 2010

Botoxed 69,
pop up gallery, Camden highstreet
A group show including the artist Franko B, Sept 2009

Section6 Art Projects, February 2009
The Heart of the home, site-specific sound installation, Mixed media

AVA Gallery
May 2008 Showcase 08(Degree Show)
Manmade Emotion (Sound Installation and projection)

Transparency and solidity, The Rag Factory, London December 2007
Motherly Love (Sound Installation)

Southwark Park December 2007

Byam Shaw Gallery, January 2007
Byam Shaw school of Art, London
Group Exhibition
(Sound Installation) Primary Art

Projection Gallery, Liverpool, 2006
(Give Yourself Enough Rope), Group Exhibition
In conjunction with the Liverpool Biennial 2006

Trinity Buoy Wharf, East London
February 2007
(Collaboration with Byam Shaw school of Art)
(Sound installation) Bowler Hat
December 2006
Group Exhibition
(Sound Installation) Tweed Jacket.