Georgia Mallin

Location: London

I am a figurative artist from London, working mainly with oil painting and drawing. Observation is firmly at the centre of my practice, with an emphasis on accuracy, draughtsmanship and the fall of light.

I have a BA in English and Spanish from the University of Oxford, and have just completed the two-year Diploma in Portraiture at the Thomas Heatherley School of Fine Art - a decade after I originally chose not to pursue art at university.

Making a painting or drawing is a powerful act of paying attention, and no subject is more interesting to me than people. I hope to convey a sense of psychological insight as well as capture the beautiful complexity of the human form.

I have learned that to make art is to expose yourself and your ways of seeing the world. For me, painting is an act of negotiation: between me, my subject and my chosen medium; and between the different parts of myself which strive for expression.

As a language and literature graduate I am also interested in how portraiture and narrative intertwine – in painting as a way of storytelling, and creating the sense of a complete and believable world.

Each time I paint, I seek a reconciliation between my need to control my materials and the process of making, and my desire for freedom, expressiveness and an enjoyment of the painterly touch.