Gemma Kauffman

Location: Hackney

Painter, continually redefining my practice through collaborations with other artists, photographers, film makers, and recently live/performance art. I am fascinated by the power of the image.

I am inspired by Nature and the abstraction of experience and memory. The intersection: natural meets artificial, real meets imagined, introvert meets extrovert, open meets closed, elevate meets diminished.

I am influenced by psychology, film, music, symbolism, metaphor, abstraction, visual language, and also themes of identity, Self, narrative, and authenticity.

Since graduating from Camberwell College of Art I have explored art making in many different materials, from ceramics, to textiles, to mixed media constructions, all with the aim of exploring colour and narrative, I was late to begin painting and now painting is my world where everything begins.


WTF Festival, East Sussex,
Performance: Draw and Response, July 2014 ‘Bloom’ North Street, Brighton May 2014
Essence, Hallam Conference Centre, London W1, Oct 2013
Madhatter, Brighton, June/May 2013 Artist Open Houses, Brighton May 2013 H'ueco espacio d’arte, Santa Cruz, La Palma, Spain, April 2011