Gavin Thackray-Jones

Location: Leicester

I am a Fine Art student at De Montfort University, Leicester. I have a condition called Cerebral Palsy, which affects my mobility. I don't let my condition dominate my lifestyle. I think that my art style is at the same standard as an able-bodied person, but in an Impressionist style.

My artwork is about escapism in to the unknown world. I approach this by experimenting with the use of composition in the artwork. In my artwork my narrative is about commercial aeroplane and the architecture from around the world. I use acrylic and oil paints, but I draw as well. I received my influence by researching in to Pop Art and also contemporary paintings
I have drawn and painted self-portraiture. These pieces create a sense of emotions. I have not producing self-portraiture as much.

I have had a few exhibitions showing my artwork in the HUB, which is in Sleaford, Lincolnshire in 2009 and had interests in my art. I have also exhibit my artwork in the Newarke Museum, Leicester alongside with my fellow students.

My ambition is to become a successful artist and have my art in galleries across the world!

Thank you very much.

Gavin Thackray-Jones