Freya Field-Donovan


Location: London

Born Nottingham, 1991. Lives in London. Works with words and film.


• 2015. Co-founder of FIDELITY reading and research group, with Alexandra
Symons Sutcliff, and Harry Sanderson, Tom Clark (Arcadia Missa), John Hill (Lucky PDF), Michael Harvey. Our research focuses on objects that, in different ways, bring into representation ways of being together that are not predicated on individual identities or properties but assume a potential for commonality; to commit to techniques that give form to these ideas.
• 2014. Founder and organizer of Aby Warburg, A Study Group, an open reading group focusing on the work of the Art Historian Aby Warburg
• 2014. STORE Associate.
STORE is a proto institutional organisation, founded in 2012 by Kevin Green and Freddy Tuppen. The STORE space is currently comprised of an architectural foundation summer school, an exhibitions programme, studio spaces and workshops. Together with three others I programme and curate the exhibitions and events calendar.