Fredrik Andersson


Location: London

My name is Fredrik Andersson and I am an Illustrator from Sweden, currently based in London.

If you ask my friends about me they will surely tell you about my obsession for drawing naked people, especially hairy men. This is all true, I have a big interest in subjects such as Sex and intimacy. You can see this red string running through all of my work going through my writing, Illustration & my ceramics.

With my work I try to promote queer and LGBTQ matters, All private pieces are autobiographical as I draw my inspiration from own experiences. I try to find the humor in life, including the sad. I use these projects as a form of therapy so that I can process and move on.

I utilize a range of mediums: Producing handmade pieces with watercolors and inks, with a strong passion for printmaking techniques such as Lino and Screen-print. I also have a strong proficiency in producing completely digital pieces of work and combining the digital with my handmade pieces.

Hopefully i can offer you a slight chuckle and some form of enlightenment.

Don´t be a stranger ;)



MiAL - Intersection exhibtion - Exhibitor - Hoxton arches - 2016

MiAL - Bigger, Brighter, Bolder - exhibitor - UAL Showroom - 2014