Nicholas Quenzer


Location: SE1 Studios

My work concerns itself with a recomposition of devices which demarcate or highlight spectacle. Using display apparatus as a starting point, the work adopts a drawing methodology, deconstructing tools into elements which are reconfigured. All lines and boundaries created are considered framing devices in their own right.
These act as starting points to explore the terrain between plan and realised construction. Components are produced as motif and are combined to create pseudo architectural enclosures referring back to the deconstructed frames from which they are borne.



One Divided by Two, Wayward Gallery, Bethnal Green
From The Ground, Wayward Gallery, Bethnal Green

Lucky PDF Presents: Auto Italia Live, Auto Italia, Peckham
Moving Image South, HMV Curzon, Wimbledon
Ma Show, Wimbledon College of Art, Wimbledon

ICA: Live Weekend 1; Propositions etc [CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR], ICA, The Mall
Ma Salon, Flat Time House, Peckham
ISWORE/ISORE, The Nunnery, Bow
Film/Video/Performannce, Wimbledon Space, Wimbledon
Ma Salon, Auto Italia, Peckham