Estitxu Garcia


Location: London

Estitxu Garcia
21- Farrow Lane SE14 5DB
Mobile- 07810695627

2 years in fine art -Bilbao, Spain
4 years in Decorative Art- City and Guild Art School -London

Estitxu Garcia is a London-based artist specialising in a combination of gilding  and painting techniques.
I started off my  training in Spain, studying painting and fine art for two years and then completed my
studies in London with three years at City and Guild Art School. It was there when I  decided to explore
traditional glass gilding techniques and began combining them with delicate painting as well as chemical treatments, thereby forming my  own unique style of colours, textures and finishes.
I have exhibited my work at Art and Crafts Claude Andre in Brussels, 100% Design, Bonhams in London and is regularly stocked in galleries such as Cecilia Colman Gallery and Julian Chichester. In recent years, I have moved back to canvas, experimenting with a combination of silver and gold leaf gilding with oils and acrylic paints.


Art and Crafts Claude Andre- Brussels
Cecilia Colman Gallery
Cambridge Contemporary Art
100% Design