Faye Walker


Location: East London
Website: www.fddub.com

Hi I’m Faye and I specialise in Contemporary Furniture Restoration.
I aim to design striking statement pieces that are unique, diverse, punchy and brightly sprinkled with colour and you'll find that my final designs are often quite random! I am inspired by so many things, from daily images that the planet offers, just seeing a pattern or feeling a texture, through to fashion trends or even just the urge to try using a new medium and seeing if I can apply it to my designs.

My furniture pieces are all reclaimed or salvaged items and they have been transformed into completely new items that are playful, stylish, individual and modern in design but yet still retain the original character. The beauty of using vintage is that when they were originally made, the level of craftsmanship was of such a high standard and made from good quality woods that a fantastic solid element shows through their existence today.