Fani Parali


Fani Parali (b. Greece, lives in London) studied BA Sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts and then completed her postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy Schools. Parali’s practice includes sculpture, large-scale painting and installation, moving image, sound and performance.

Parali creates situations where different medium components are choreographed, often through directing and collaborating with performers, where she employs the use of recorded audio that gets lip-synched. Parali wants to create a sense of intimacy, shared aloneness and warmth that can be felt through the mediation of the voices she imagines, creates and communicates. The performers and the materials aspire to transcend and overcome their identities, dimensions and realities, to be at the same time other-wordly and very human.


Solo Exhibitions:
The Creatures, Chalton Gallery, London

Group Exhibitions
Chumming, The Pipe Factory (part of GI Festival), Glasgow

Bearing Liability, Strange Cargo Gallery, Folkestone
RA Schools Show 2017, Royal Academy Schools, London
Urgent Bunk, Royal Academy Schools, London
Gender, Identity and Material, Royal Academy of Arts, London
Drawing Biennale 2017, Drawing Room, London
MONO7, Courtyard Theatre, London

Oral Rinse 2, Waterloo Action Centre, London
Dark Water, Dilston Grove, London
Oral Rinse, Crypt Gallery, London
Breezing Through Closer, Burlington Gardens Festival, Royal Academy of Arts, London
All About My Mother, the Keeper's Studio, Royal Academy of Arts, London
Premiums: Interim Projects 2016, Royal Academy of Arts, London

I never lied to you, Camberwell Space, London
P, Horatio Jr, London
Walking through fiction, Camberwell Space, London

A Union of Voices, Horatio Jr, London
A COOL DRINK TO CHEEK, two person show with Sam Austen, Plazaplaza, London
Undergraduate summer show, Camberwell College of Arts, London

Studiomakers Prize, by Outset and Tiffany and Co, 2017