fabian arnaldi

Location: London
Website: www.fabianarnaldi.blogspot.com

My work is a reflection of worldly cities I've lived and visited as Buenos Aires, New York, London, Paris or Madrid where as an observer more people in its urban setting where converged improbable, unusual, and at the same real time situations.

My artistic approach called "Sustainable Art" I have been working on for several years, gives a breath of fresh air to change, creativity and functionality, and further proof that each of us can begin to recycle up as simple to improve the world we live.

This innovative and original contribution hopes to encourage and motivate all alike to sow awareness about environmental pollution and ecological benefits in the world today.
Secondary School

Garaycochea Art and Design School, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (1994-1996)

University of Buenos Aires, School of Architecture (1996-1998) (Teaching Assistant)

Nothing Hill Gate School, Print design , AutoCAD ,Adobe Suite. (2007-2009)

Course in computer science, management and software design for the UTN (1994-1996)
Workshop drawing, painting and ceramics Government of the City of Buenos Aires. (1998-1999)
Micro Entrepreneur Workshop government of Buenos Aires. (1998-1999)

Latest version of AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, 3D Studio Max, Maya, X-ray, V-Ray, Z Brush, 3D modeling and animation using Mac, Windows and Linux using Wacom tablet Intuos.

Work experience


2005-2016: Through my own company conducted commissions publishing, advertising and graphic design, identity and a product concept, illustration and artistic painter. www.fabianarnaldi.com
some of my clients are www.youngs.co.uk www.shopgreenwich.co.uk

2007-2012: Design, designer, distributor and coordinator in wholesale and retail shirts with their own designs based in London, own building and installation at major venues UK, Italy, France and Spain at festivals . www.babel-line.co.uk

2008-2009: Creation, coordination and execution of two murals with the group "The New Generation" for the Cuming Museum of Elephant and Castle.
2006-2009: Professor of art for Prim Rose primary school Regent Park for children between 8 and 14 years old. Decorations, staging and assembly of plays.

2002-2004: Designer interiors, exteriors, muralist and decorator autonomously to pubs, restaurants, stores and offices.
Some of my clients are www.pasatiempos.net and www.grupocappuccino.com
2003-2004: Graphic Designer and publisher, designer, and photographer Cad designer for Compass Studios.


2012-2014: Designer, coordinator and in charge of the visual media of my own shows at the Recoleta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires showing my proposal entitled "Sustainable Art". (September 2012) www.centroculturalrecoleta.com
2011-2012: Graphic Designer publishing, 3D animation, storyboards and corporate image in Soma Studios Buenos Aires. www.estudiosoma.com.ar
1997-1999: Animations for American TV and Tino and Gargamuza Trio Nebula. Making 2D and 3D animation and colorful restaurant owner for Marceline Cartoons.


Exhibitions :

2016: Schroot, Brno,Check Republic www.schrott.cz
2016: Lenos y Carbon Restaurant, England www.lenosycarbon.co.uk
2015: TAA 2015, England www.taaexhibitions.org
2015: CASA FESTIVAL 2015, England www.casafestival.org.uk
2015: Cabaret Literario , England www.elojodelacultura.com

2014: Sunday Up Market, England www.sundayupmarket.co.uk
2014: Galpón Chic, Argentina www.galponchic.com

2013: Global Art in the DOT shopping Center, group show and workshop with Art- Kids, Argentina www.globalart.com.ar
2013: Alliance Francaise de Palermo, Argenitna www.alianzafrancesa.org.ar
2013: Borges Cultural Center, group show and workshops with ArtKids, Argentina www.ccborges.org.ar

2012: Ricardo Rendon, Rio Negro, Colombia. www.cartoonrendon.com
2012: VAX Galeria, Buenos Aires. www.vaxdeco.com.ar
2012: Single in the Recoleta Cultural Center. www.centroculturalrecoleta.com
2012: lndividual SecondFloor Gallery in London. www.seconfloor.co.uk
2012: lndividual Arthub Gallery in London. www.arthub1.org

2011: Collective for Deptford X show in London. www.deptfordx.webeden.co.uk
2011: Single Market for Spittafield London. www.spitalfields.co.uk

2007-2010: Individual to Young's Pubs. www.youngs.co.uk

2005: Single for the organization to IRMO Londres.www.irmo.org.uk

2002: Single for the gallery Horrach Moya de Mallorca. www.horrachmoya.com

2001: Collective for Galeria Maior in Mallorca. www.galeriamaior.com

1999: Buenos Aires not Sleep 2 Cartoons. Group exhibition and educational

1998: Buenos aires not Sleep 1 Cartoons. Group exhibition and educational workshop.
1996: Underground Comics, comic group exhibition, several workshops.

1995: Collective School Cartoons Garaycochea.